Skol Embracing the archives

November 4 – December 17, 2011
Opening on Friday November 4, 5pm-9pm
Performance by Adriana Disman on Saturday November 5 at 3pm

Project Description

Mark Clintberg, Adriana Disman, Ève Dorais, Rebecca Duclos, Kandis Friesen, Emmanuel Galland, Denis Lessard, Pilar Macias, Natalie Olanick, Anne-Marie Proulx, Sabrina Russo, Lorraine Turci and Anne-Sophie Garcia bring perspective to Skol’s 27-year history, complicating one’s perception of a homogeneous, linear trajectory. Documents, artifacts, images pulled from the newly processed historical archive reveal surprising cultural and disciplinary shifts as well as commonalities across generations, including the launch of the as-yet unpublished History of Skol by former board member Yves Théoret, annotated by current members Sabrina Russo and Anne-Marie Proulx.

Natalie Olanick

The selected pieces for Natalie Olanick’s exhibition come from a subjective reaction to the diversity of media documented in Skol’s archives. She approached the archive as an artist looking at the production of other artists, chosen by artists. Her attention was on the processes artists have used to produce meaning. The time periods that are characterized by particular art production play a part in the structure of describing works. However, the time difference acts as a tool rather than a goal for revealing issues that artists were considering. The approach to both narrative and abstraction in painting of the mid to late 80s, the continued exploration of photography and time based works of the early 90s, to identity issues and social commentary of the late 90s early 21st century are all vital streams of art making that still have currency. The comparison of samples from the archives will create an overlap of issues. The viewer can notice common themes, techniques or vastly different beliefs.

Raphaëlle DE GROOT, Lectures, 16 janvier – 14 février 1999
Julie BERNIER, Le parcours de l\’absence, 5 février – 2 mars 1986; Interprétation de l\’oeuvre par Natalie Olanick. // February 5 – March 2 1986; piece interpreted by Natalie Olanick.
Annie THIBAULT, Capteurs d\’essence, 1997; Vestige de l\’exposition Chambre de cultures, 14 novembre – 13 decembre 1998. 

Barry ALLIKAS, FunHouse, 2 – 27 avril 1986; 26
peintures, huile sur papier