Artist’s Statement                 Natalie Olanick

I am interested in how images that distinguish order, pattern, and form, become intertwined with a sentiment of personal familiarity. How a spark of memory shifts into the production of a work, which can be a painting or a piece of writing, or a curatorial project. I make paintings that sometimes are accompanied by projections or small objects. I have done bookworks, as well as writing and curatorial projects.

In the works I produce or the projects I work on, I am exploring how the narrative quality of the works wanders into an in-between zone, allowing for multiple readings of a work or project. Messages and possible meanings shift from the nature of the materials, my usage of them, and how this mix reflects social codes and possibilities.

In certain works, I am hinting at notions derived from Modernity. How these goals and tools have become derailed. The images of structured types of measurements are represented as hand-made subjectively comprehended forms with poetic latitude. My process of art-making includes an open field of signification in which established associations and potential readings are layered. I work with the materials as tools to illustrate ideas rather than as a skill that must be mastered. I continue to ask questions of myself through object-making as well as writing and curatorial practice.



1997-99             Masters of Visual Art, University of Windsor

1988                 Visual Arts, Banff Center, Banff, Alberta

1980-84             Experimental Arts, Ontario College of Art and Design, A.O.C.A.D.

1979-80            Fine Arts, Queens’ University

Solo Exhibitions

2014                 “La Vitrine” 2618 rue Rachel, Montréal, QC.

2013                 “Stock Market and hemlines” WARC, Toronto, Ont.

2005                 ‘Movement of Myths’ WARC, Toronto, Ont

2004                 “Overlap” White Mountain Academy, Elliot Lake, Ont.

2003                 “Natalie Olanick”, Maison de la culture-Marie-Uguay, Montreal, Qc.      

2001                 “Smoke Signals”, Art Gallery of Sudbury, Sudbury, Ont.

2001                 “The Celestial Error, L’Error Celeste”, Axe Neo-7, Hull, Qc…

2000                 “Fittings/Garnitures”, Galerie Luz, Montreal, Q.c.

1996                 “Supercoiled D.N.A.”, Robert Mclaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ont. 

1994                 “Supercoiled D.N.A.”, Optica Gallery, Montreal, Q.c. 

1992                 “Small Change”, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

1990                 “New Paintings”, Niagara Artists’ Center, St. Catherines, Ont.

Duo Exhibitions

2008                 “Shares Accounts/ Dominique Prevost, Porpeller.Toronto, Ont.

2002                  Open Studio exhibition, w/ Peter Dako, Toronto, and Ont.

1996                 “Body and Soul” w/ Lorna Mills, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

1994                 “What’s Required” w/ Richard Storms, Mercer Union, Toronto, Ont.

1991                 “Untitled” w/ Danielle Sneppenova, Forest City Gallery, London, Ont.

1988                 “Guns and Roses” w/ Danielle Sneppenova, Eric Harvey Theater, Banff, Alberta 

Group Exhibitions

2023 ” 40 X 40 “, Gallery 1313, Toronto Ont.

2022 “les guerres ça sert à quoi Absolument rein! (résistances) , GalerLaroche Joncas

2020                 Faculty Biennial 14, Warren G, Flowers Gallery Dawson College, Montreal, Qc.

                        “Pandemica: A community Collage”, 12 Degreesart,Instagram, 15 Beverly St. Toronto

2019                 “Cat Show”, Aird Gallery,908 Queen St. W. Toronto, Ont.

2018                 8thInternational Artists’ book Biennial, Alexandria, Egypt

                        “Uncommon”, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

2016                 Faculty Biennial 13, Dawson College, Montreal, Qc.

2015                 Drawing 2015, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ont

2014                 20th International Symposium of Electronic Arts-ISEA2014 Dubai, UAE

2014                 Faculty Biennial 12, Dawson College, Montreal, Qc.

2013                  ‘’Fields’ Francoise Sullivan and Barry Allikas,

                        W. Flowers Gallery, Dawson College, Montreal, Qc

2012                 ‘’Change’’ articule, Montreal, Qc.

                        ‘’D’un oeil différent’’ Écomusée du fier monde, Montréal, Qc

2011 ‘                Je me souviener” articule, Montréal, QC.

                        11th Fine Arts Faculty Biennial, Dawson College, Montreal, Qc.

2010                 à la dérive’’ Articule, Montréal, Q.C.

2009                 “ARTARTAR” Articule, Montreal, Q.C

                            ’10thFine Arts Faculty Biennial- Dawson College’’ Montreal, Q.c…

2007                 “Artcite 25th Anniversary”, Windsor, Ont.

“Nuit Blache” Bloor lights, Toronto, Ont.

 2001                “Soft Show”, instant coffee projects, Saidye Brofman Centre, Montreal, Q.C.

1999                 , Le centre d’exposition de Baie-St. Paul, B. -St.-P. Q.C.

1999                 “Sumer Show ” Galerie Luz, Montréal, Q.c.

1998                 “Moments entrelaces” La Centrale, Montréal, Q.c

1998                 “Artscene” Artcite, Windsor, Ontario

1997                 “Untitled” Galerie Luz, Montreal, Q.c.

1997                 “Mall Proteuse” Republic, Garnet Press, Toronto, Ont.

1996                “Limousine” Free Parking, Toronto, Ont.

                        “Snow” Garnet Press, Toronto, Ont.

1995                “DYS” YYZ Gallery, Toronto, Ont.

                            “Heat” Visual Arts Ontario, Toronto, Ont.

                        “Erotic Pavilions”(book project) Flora Borealis, Toronto, Ont

1994                “Dreaming of You” Garnet Press, Toronto, Ont.

                           “Mud” 507 Richmond St. E., Toronto, Ont.

                        “Put a Spell on You” McGill Club, Toronto, Ont

1993                 “Snafu/Treasure” Republic, Toronto, Ont.

                           “Cities on the Edge” Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York

1992                “The Memorial Show” A Space, Toronto, Ont.

                           “Cachet and Currency” Garnet Press, Toronto, Ont.

1990                 “Discordia Concours” Mercer Union, Toronto, Ont.

1987                 “Interior Tenements” Republic, Toronto, Ont.

1984                 “New Works, New York” Gallery 76, Toronto, Ont.

1983                 “Chromaliving” Harriages department store, Toronto, Ont.


                        Canada Council Art Bank

                        Centre d’Art de Baie-Saint-Paul

                        Robert Mclaughlin Gallery

                             Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

Film Screenings

1987                 “Carnival Stop Time”, slide presentation, 20 mins. A Space, Toronto, Ont.          

1985                 “Cache du Cinema”, super8, 10 mins. Funnel, Toronto, Ont.

1984                 “New Work Showcase”, super8, 8 mins. Funnel, Toronto, Ont.

1980                 “Painter as Filmmakers”, super8, 3 mins. Funnel, Toronto, Ont.


1981                 “Something you’ll Like” Chromazone, Toronto, Ont.

1980                 “Don’t explain anything Dear” Funnel, Toronto, Ont.

Curatorial Projects

2020                 “The Weight of Delirium”, Andy Fabo co-curated with Rhonda Meier, Warren G Flowers Gallery, Mtl.

2016                 Penelope Stewart Projects, Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Dawson College Montreal, Qc.

2011                 “Sortons les archives” SKOl, Montréal, QC

2010                 ‘’Francoise Sullivan at Womens Art Resource Center’’ Toronto, Ont.

1998                 “Routine Activity”, Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, Ont.

1997                 “Pseudonyms and Similarities”, Mercer Union, Toronto, Ont.

1997                 “Masquerade” co-curator, Mercer Union, Toronto, Ont.

                        “Reviews” co-curator, Robert Mclaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ont.

1995-6              “Reviews” Project Room, Mercer Union, Toronto, Ont.

1993                  ” Manual” Garnet Press, Toronto, Ont.

1987-90             “Secret Life of Objects”, “ExNiho”, “Product Perfect”, “Chaotic

                         Sublime”, co-curated with members of Republic                                                       


2013                 guest lecturer, University of Toronto, Ontario

2007-present      Professor, Dawson College, Cegep, Montreal

2002-4               Professor, White Mountain Art Academy

2001                 Guest Artist, White Mountain Art Academy

2001                 Week-long workshop, Art Gallery of Sudbury

2000                 Artist-in Residency, Emily Carr Institue of Art and Design (winter semester

1999                 Drawing Instructor, University of Windsor, Spring Semester

1998                 Guest Artist, Ontario College of Art and Design

1998-99             Substitute Painting Instructor, Toronto School of Art

Related Activities

2020                 coordinator Fine Arts Biennial14, Dawson College, Montreal, Qc.

2011-12             Tandem Creatif, Exeko, painting project w intellectually challenged artist

2009                 Residency Vermont Artist Studios, Vermont, U.S.A.

2009-2014          Board Member Articule Galerie, Montreal, Quebec

2007                 Associate Board member Women’s’ Art Resource Center, Tor. Ont.

2002                 Residency with Open Studio, Feb. Toronto. Ont.

1998                 Residency with Quartier Ephemere (June, July, August), Mtl., P.Q.

1996                 “Symposium de la nouvelle peiture”Le Centre d’Art de Baie-St. Paul, Q.C.

1994-96             Board member, Mercer Union, Toronto, Ont.

“Artists with their Works”, Extension Program, participant artist, Art Gallery of Ontario


2013                 Claire Lecker,” The Power of Colours”, the Plant, Montreal, Qc.

2013                 Must see show, NOW, Toronto, Ont

2004                 Rosalind Raby, “Artist melds science and art”, The Standard, Elliott Lake

1996                 Valerie Lamontagne, “Review of Baie-St.-Paul”, ECT.”Montreal

                        Oliver Girling, “Not boring At All”, EYE weekly, Toronto

1993                 Richard Huntington, “So Close and Yet So Far”, The Buffalo News

                        Christopher Eamon, “Gathering; The Memorial Project” Fuse magazine

1992                 Kate Taylor,”Cachet & Currency”, Globe & Mail, Fri. April 17, C 14

                        Stephen Joy, “Olanick & Sneppova Forest City Gallery” London Ont.

Scene, March 20, Niagara Arts center

1990                 Donna Lypchuck, “Mannerism at Mercer”Metropolis, Toronto

                        John Bently Mays, “State of the Art Summed up by Game Over” Globe &

                                                                                                            Mail, Sat. July 21, C11


2013                 “Field”, brochure, Deborah Caruthers, Dawson College, Mtl.

2002                 ‘Linear Sensitivity’, brochure, Andy Fabo, Open Studio

2000                 “Textura”,”Moments entrelaces, Sign of the Times:” Lorrain Simmis, LaCentrale

1998                 “Boom”, the Winsor Salt (artist project), Common Ground

1994                 “Mud” catalogue Ihor Holubisky

                        “What’s Required” brochure, Moira Clark, Mercer Union

1990                 “Three Faces of Eve”, C magazine (artist project)

                        ‘Uneasy Painting’ Issue magazine, Niagara Artists’ Center

                        ‘Discordia Concours’ brouchure, Andy Fabo, Mercer Union

Published writings

2013                 ‘Apian Screen” Penelope Stewart, review Espace/Sculpute,Monteral

2010                 ‘Making a Song’- new works by Francoise Sullivan, brochure, WARC

2009                 ‘Landon Mackenzine’ E.T.C., Montreal

2008                 ‘Harlan Johnson’ ECT, Montréal

2005                 ‘Karen Henderson at. Optica’ issue 68 Ciel Variable, Montréal

2002                 catalogues essay, Kevin Sonmor, Galerie De Bellefeuille, Montréal

2001                 “Shotgun Spencer Tunick, review, LoLa, number 10

2000                 “Globes Oculaires”, brouchre, text for Carmen Ruschiensky, Galerie B-312

1999                 “Routine Activity”, brochure, Art Gallery of Windsor

1998                 “De la seduction a la resistance”, review Sylvie Belanger, LoLa, number 2

1997                 “Pseudonyms and Similarities” brochure, Mercer Union

1996                 “Masquerade”, brochure, w/John Armstorng, Carol Laing, Mercer Union

Artist talks

“Abstrus” Galerie Laroch/Joncas, June 2021

Ontario College of Art and Design Feb.2014

University of Toronto July 2012

Vermont Studio Center July 2009

McMaster University Feb. 2009

Emily Carr Institute of Art 2000

Mercer Union 1990